The Enterprise

A tradition started long ago

Beside the traditional art of the genuine gold beating, already performed 5000 years ago, at the end of the XIX century the hammering of other metals took the first steps, among which brass (imitation gold), aluminum ( imitation silver ) and copper stand out. In this new technology soon Nazionale Battitura Metalli made itself known. Founded in 1928 by Luigi Masserini, our company which through the years has continuously invested in research and development, has faced the market with a fine productive balance, between technology and tradition. This is ensuring today a unique product for quality and varieties.

Thanks to the starting intuition of the founder, Nazionale Battitura Metalli ensures nowadays a unique production of the highest quality requested by more than 80 countries of all continents. All of this obtained by high level technical equipments, properly designed, and highly specialized factory staff.

The main item is still the leaf of imitation gold and imitation silver. Beside it, the fantasy, the research and the attention to the market requirements have developed secondary and side-line products which allow the creation of new and interesting working methods with extraordinary results.