Aluminum is a lightweight but resistant metal; its silvery gray metallic appearance is due to the thin surface layer of oxidation which forms rapidly on contact with air; it is a physical protective barrier to corrosion or further oxidation, not soluble in water.

Aluminum has about one-third the density of steel or copper; it is malleable and ductile and it can be easily machined; as already stated, it has an excellent corrosion and ageing resistance.

It is nonmagnetic and does not easily ignite. It is the second more malleable metal and the sixth more ductile one.

The aluminum leaves, got by hammering, are about 0,35 µ thick. They are usually applied by means of water-based glues (water based mission) or fat glues (fat mission) on accurately prepared surfaces.

They are little sensitive to UV rays, to humidity and temperature; anyway we recommend to store them closed in their original packages, away from direct sunlight at room temperature (recommended 18-23 C°) above all because of the constant presence of polluting agents in the air and situations particularly aggressive even for aluminum.