Genuine Gold

Pure gold or alloyed above all with silver, is one among the most ancient hammered metals.
The variations in the percentage of the gold / silver content and small quantities of other metals allow to achieve a variety of leaf shades and characteristics. The alloys with a high gold content are resistant to corrosion by the air or by the majority of chemical reagents. Therefore these leaves are especially recommended for all the exterior gilding, also in the aggressive sea environment. These alloys are so ductile and malleable to achieve leaves about 0.1 µ thick (0,0001 mm).

There are a lot of gilding techniques with the gold leaf: from the most ancient called "Guazzo" that is water gilding, to the most recent ones with water based glue (water based mission) and "fat glue" (fat mission).

We recommend to store these products safe from humidity: it does not affect so much the leaves but the tissue back paper. The paper expands due to the humidity absorption and may cause leaf cracking, as the leaf is not subject to this expansion. Being laid on the tissue paper, the leaf is affected by it.