Nazionale Battitura Metalli s.r.l.

Italian metal leafs since 1928

Prodotti della Nazionale Battitura Metalli

Quality is our starting point

Nazionale Battitura Metalli has always chosen to offer his customers the maximum customisation in order to supply the suitable material for every kind of working process.
In order to permit every application we are in fact able to produce a leaf with various characteristics and various thickness (as light, medium or heavy thickness).

Our factory staff is able to suggest the best solutions, sharing experiences got internationally with customers: looking together for the right product for every application.
Moreover it’s important to remember that some works of a high artistic or crafty level are realizable only thanks to the use of the imitation gold leaf produced by Nazionale Battitura Metalli.

Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, our leaf allows to apply patinas and acids on it; this technique will be otherwise impracticable in the traditional working process of framers and furniture manufacturers all over the world.
Maintaining the whole manufacturing process in Italy and the use of sorted raw material according to the European tradition assure the realization of a qualitatively superior product: this is the choice taken by Nazionale Battitura Metalli.