Metal Leafs

Precious Metals

Oro 22KtGenuine gold and genuine silver or their alloys are the most ancient hammered metals. Their ductility allows to get leaves about 0.1 µ thick.
From gold-silver alloys with other noble metals you can get leaves with various color tones and various physical characteristics.
Thanks to their low oxidation tendency, the high gold content alloys are especially recommended for all the exterior gilding, also in the aggressive sea environment.

Non-Precious Metals

CopperThese items are produced by the hammering of metallic alloys , copper-zinc alloy for the imitation gold leaf, or of aluminum, as to get leaves about 0.3 µ thick.
You usually apply them on surfaces, previously prepared on purpose, by the use of water based glues or fat glues, also called "mission" glue.
They are generally sensitive to the UV rays, humidity and temperature; therefore it is highly recommended to store the material in its original package, at normal room temperature (better 18-23 C°), away from direct sun light.

Box Booklet Transfer Master Roll Folder Schabin-Fiocco Tamisè Abburstig
Copper x x x x x x x x
Brass x x x x x x x x
Variegated Metal x x x x x x x x
Aluminum x x x x x x x x
Gold - x x x - - - -
Silver - x x x - x - x